Difference Between Player And Shy Guy

So, what are the difference between these two species of men, nice guys and players? Well, I will tell you a few key differences. By the way, when I say nice guys, I mean guys who are not successful with women. As for players, they are successful with women, no matter in what way.

Well, here is the first difference. Successful guys have confidence, whether they are jerks or not. They are confident and they are not ashamed of their sexual feelings towards women. They aren’t shy to express sexual interest towards women. They are confident enough to make the first move. They lean in and kiss the woman before waiting too long. They initiate sex with a woman. They are simply okay with wanting women. They go after what they want.

A lot of player see themselves as better than the woman. This shows in their behavior. That is why they’re thought of as arrogant many times. But hey, it’s better to be arrogant than to be a loser. Nice guys are mostly losers. They are the opposite of a player. They act like the woman is better than them. They act like the woman is a prize that they have to really work hard to get. That is why women are repelled by them. They don’t want some guy that doesn’t even like himself.

One of the biggest reasons that these guys are successful is because they don’t take things personally in their lives. While the nice guy cries over some rejection, the successful guys goes on and hits on other women. He doesn’t care about rejections. He also doesn’t care about what people think of him. He almost never takes anything personally, whether it be from a man or woman.

As you can see, the players are the opposite of shy guys. The shy guy thinks too logically. That is why he fails.

In truth however, it doesn’t matter if you want funny lines, or ideas on how to ask out a girl, you are focusing on the external. What you need to worry about is who you are. To find out all about how women see you, and then what to improve do this quiz.

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